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The Sexus story needs a few pages to itself - something we should see to. This was when we did it for real. We got a major publishing deal with Chrysalis, although it was for peanuts - their lawyer really seeming to enjoy refusing to budge, as we sat there before him, without a digestive biscuit between us. Now Chrysalis owned all our songs, even going back years before we ever met them. Any song we'd ever written, whether hummed in a car park or sung out through steam in the bathroom, they owned. Had we gurgled a melody back in the comfort of the womb, they'd own that, too. But at least we had a major publishing deal. Not that that did us any good. What got us moving was the notorious video we made for 'edenites', gathering together some of the strangest people we could find in Manchester's clubland, and getting them all to a studio one wild afternoon. This got the attention of a manager who signed us up - and then got us signed to ZTT. Then it all started. Got Best Single in both Melody Maker and Smash Hits simultaneously, and were very pleased with that - we always wanted to have a foot in both branches of the music press. Were described in the music press as the new Leiber and Stoller. Found ourselves being produced by Trevor Horn. Supported Marc Almond at Shepherd's Bush empire to 2,000 people. Were asked to sing on a charity record with Boyzone. Turned down a Wembley Arena support slot because we felt it wasn't right. Made a 25,000 budget pop video. Had our own personal stylists, whose every suggestion we politely rejected. Were in The Face, Sky magazine and just about everything else bar The Beano. Lived in a flat above Nick Cave, toured with All Saints, washed the recording studio dishes with ABC's Martin Fry - oh, the blizzard of memories. Rummaging through your publishers' offices late at night to find David Bowie's original signed contract - and finding it! (Yes, I put it back.) Accidentally coming across their notes about how you needed proper clothes to look like pop stars. Being taken out by a stylist, heading straight for the Issey Miyake shop and buying a 1,200 suit, wearing it to bed, then turning up to a Melody Maker cover photo session with it tied to you with an old rope. Yes, with Sexus we momentarily lost our pop innocence and were thrown into the very heart of the music industry. We have now recovered. But it took several years. Major record deals don't always result in what you want. After years of great productivity, the results of making it big were lots of pressure to throw away our own ideas, censorship, insistence that we change almost everything we did and ... one single. 'The Official End Of It All' was played endlessly on the radio (and also made it onto TV in the background of several episodes of Eastenders) and we got the most press ZTT had had for a group since Frankie Goes To Hollywood. A third single, 'How Do You Kiss?' (of which some promo copies escaped and are in the hands of Sexus fans) had its A-side horribly remixed behind our back and was never released - though it had two strong B-sides and also a weird uncredited remix by Trevor Horn. But what did happen next? It will no doubt soon be the subject of a major TV mini-series, but a manager who chose to keep our money for himself resulted in us finding ourselves back in darkest Manchester, penniless, stunned, consulting with lawyers and planning our grisly revenge on those who had wronged us (soon, folks ... very soon now.)

We did some different things for a while. And now we're back fresh-sculpted and happier and healthier than ever, having replenished our souls and psyches, reworked our entire bodies and minds, and abandoned the old hang-ups and troubles in a tidy pile of shed snakeskin. The world has changed a little - everyone's faces are glued to mobile phones, the big corporations have gone that little further in homogenising everything into bland conformity, and the chemists are full of hair dyes that colour your hair the colour it already is - if your hair is dark brown, the result will be dark brown - but now your friends are back. Come and meet Psychodelicates.

Again, there is lots and lots of unreleased Sexus material. And again we sit thinking about putting it out on cd ...



edenites + Cheap Thrills & Expensive Regrets + Rope Heaven by the Neck

(released on our own Svelte label)

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The Official End Of It All

The Official End Of It All + Longing Without Belonging + King of the Fairground Swing + The Official End Of It All (Hi-Lux Not Enough Clothes Mix)

There are quite a few promo 12" singles of this track to collect, featuring different mixes.

There are a number of dance remix promos of the unreleased single 'How Do You Kiss?' out there, too. The best are by Xenomania. People occasionally get in touch and say they've got them. We haven't any ourselves, though.