Reviews of Killing Sound

‘a suspenseful, frightening read…hooked me from the first minute.’

 The Guardian

 ‘This is a chilling book that melds science with the supernatural … For anyone who loves the paranormal, this is a real page-turner of a novel.’

 Manchester Evening News

 'one of the most brilliantly scary stories I have ever heard.’

 Barry Cunningham

 ‘An unbelievably tense atmosphere pervades this terrific teen adventure … Jodie is a superb character.’

 Books Monthly

 Killing Sound is a pacy and engaging YA book, with creepy moments that make it read like a teen-focused episode of The X-Files.’

 SFX Magazine

‘I am really not sure, having read this book on the Underground, that I will ever feel the same again travelling by Tube!...This really is a gothic horror for a new generation…Suspense crackles and twists throughout the book…moments are genuinely terrifying and when the horror comes it comes writ large.’

NATE (National Association for the Teaching of English) Magazine

 ‘A wonderful quote from nineteenth-century clergyman John Cummings supplies the book’s epigraph, and a warning of coming horrors, which culminate in hellish scenes in the London underground. Solemn it may be, but teenagers who don’t mind their reading unseasoned by humour will find Killing Sound an engrossing and perturbing experience.’

 Children’s Books Ireland

 ‘Inspired by a Victorian prediction that the excavation of the London Underground system would cause the end of the world, Southern has devised a chilling YA novel in which ancient, evil, supernatural forces are unwittingly unleashed.’


 ‘This is a brutal, bloody read that will grab you from its first page…I can honestly say that it's one of the first books in a very long time that has actually had me looking over my shoulder with shivers running down my spine. It's a haunting read, perfect for any horror movie fan and I honestly did not guess what would happen at the end, it was just so shocking, especially for a YA book.’

 Under the Mountain (Blog)

 Killing Sound opens with a scene that I unfortunately happened to be reading over breakfast - a situation I would strongly advise against...! This scene is possibly one of the most striking and arresting introductions to a book I've come across, and already had me questioning what I had gotten myself into.’

 Read and Repeat (Blog)

Killing Sound might just be my favorite book of the year…Although written as a YA novel Southern doesn't hold back, there is plenty of scares & gore and he is not afraid to kill quite prominent characters. Between the gripping storyline and the wonderful writing I devoured Killing Sound in just one night…I wouldn't recommend doing this if you scare easily or are alone in the house and definitely don't read it on the Tube! Having read Killing Sound I don't think I will ever use the Tube without wondering 'what if' again.’

 The Bookish Outsider (Blog)

 Killing Sound begins with vivid horror and delivers a good, chilling atmosphere throughout, making the grim streets of London and the cold dark tunnels of the Underground come alive in the imagination…a supernatural horror story worth reading.’

 John Moralee, My Books Page (Blog)

 Killing Sound opens like a dark, creepy horror movie intent on giving you nightmares and stealing your sleep.’

 Wondrous Reads (Blog)

 Killing Sound explores a genuinely unique and interesting premise … the plot is fresh and the action well written…a highly readable novel from an author new to the YA scene.’

 We Love This Book Blog)

 ‘one of the most unique novels you'll read this year and I wholly recommend curling up with a blanket and hot chocolate and delving into this creepy, unsettling story.’

Writing from the Tub (Blog)

 Killing Sound is creepy in a suspenseful way. You are always on edge, never knowing what will happen…(it) would definitely make you think twice about getting on the Underground, or even getting on a train that involves going through tunnels, or even walking through subways alone in the dark.’

 Much Loved Books (Blog)

 ‘This is a spine chilling and gory, edge of your seat read that had me hooked from the very first page. I could not put it down.’

 Bookbabblers (Blog)

 ‘OK so I wasn’t expecting to be as shocked and scared by this book as I was. It chilled me to the bone and made me think there was something behind me, watching me, as I read every page.’

 Readaraptor (Blog)

 Killing Sound is a memorable thrill ride that I’ll be thinking about for a long time to come! I love that it’s a little different from everything else out there.’

 Fiction Fascination (Blog)

 Killing Sound is a gripping, haunting novel told incredibly well! It is certainly not one for the faint hearted but nonetheless it is a fantastic novel with a stunning plot! It will leave you on the edge of your seat the whole way through! I would highly recommend!’

 Tash Brilliant Book Blog