Welcome to the ELECTRICAL WEBSITE of PSYCHODELICATES - a freewheeling carousel for all those with space dust in their eyes - where film noir, deadly delinquents, hot rods and sexpots, pulp thrills, space toys, jungle romance, sunshine pop, penny dreadfuls and cool grooves explode together in a gala extravaganza of sensual sounds and nerve-tingling visuals to celebrate the Pop Moment! We ask: why can't pop be arty and bubblegum simultaneously and thus present our brand of progressive bubblegum in full PSYCHODELICOLOR!

PSYCHODELICATES are David Savage and Paul Southern.

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Listen to the sound of love. Feel purple. Taste green. Touch the scream that crawls up the wall.






Paul Southern

They'll Ask For A Dime With Hungry Eyes ... But They'll Give You Love ... For Nothing!